Fitter apartments & fitter rooms in Mannheim

First-class fitter accommodation in Mannheim. We offer long-term rentals as well as short-term rentals at fair prices. Are you interested in one of our apartments? Call us or use the contact form. Discover our apartments in Mannheim now. Please note that we only rent to companies. We do not offer private apartments for rent. 

Our fitter apartment in Mannheim - at a glance

The fully furnished apartments are generously equipped and offer both single and
Shared room. Our service not only includes regular cleaning, but also
a caretaker service that takes care of almost all repairs.
Of course, all of our apartments also have a single bed, a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, internet and HD television!
Mannheim, Falkenstraße
13min. BASF Gate 15
700m city center
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Fitter apartments nearby

Apartments for fitters in Ludwigshafen - just a few meters from Mannheim. 
Edigheimerstraße - AtriumApartments
Ludwigshafen, Edigheimer Street
50m to Lidl
180m Pizzeria
Schanzstraße AtriumApartments
Ludwigshafen, Schanzstraße
3min. BASF Gate 7
100m to restaurant
Monteurwohnung & Monteurzimmer Ludwigshafen
Ludwigshafen, Ludwigstraße,
Wohnung 1, 1. OG
4min. BASF Gate 7
240m Rhine Gallery
Other housing offers:
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße,
Wohnung 1, Erdgeschoss
1m to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße,
Wohnung 2, 1. OG
1km to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße,
Wohnung 3, 2. OG
1km to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße,
Wohnung 4, Dachgeschoss
1km to Penny
240m Pizzeria
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The direct proximity to BASF and other major employers guarantees short travel times.
So that you remain flexible in your planning, short-term bookings are also possible without any problems.
We are looking forward to your inquiry!
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Fitter apartments from Atrium Apartments in Mannheim

Mannheim is a vibrant city in the state of Baden-Württemberg that has a lot to offer. A fitter apartment in Mannheim is the ideal accommodation for commuters and fitters who work in the city. They offer a comfortable and inexpensive alternative to expensive hotel rooms. A fitter's apartment in Mannheim is equipped with everything you need for living, including a kitchen, a bathroom and sleeping facilities.

Mannheim has a wealth of cultural attractions and activities to offer. The Nationaltheater Mannheim is a popular destination for theater lovers, while the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum offers a wide range of exhibitions on history, archeology and natural science. The Luisenpark is also a popular place for walks and relaxation.

Mannheim is also known for its lively pub scene and excellent restaurants. There are many good places to enjoy regional specialties and international cuisine.

If you are looking for cheap and comfortable accommodation in Mannheim, then you should consider a Monteurwohnung. They offer everything you need for a comfortable stay and allow you to fully enjoy the city and its attractions.
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