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First-class fitter accommodation in Lampertheim. We offer you Long term rentals as well as short term rentals at fair prices. Are you interested in one of our apartments? Call us or use this contact form.

Discover our apartments in Lampertheim now. Please note that we only rent to companies. We do not offer private apartments for rent. 

Our fitter apartments & fitter rooms in Lampertheim - at a glance

Die komplett möblierten Monteurunterkünfte sind großzügig ausgestattet und bieten sowohl Einzel- als auch Mehrbettzimmer. Zu unserem Service gehört nicht nur eine regelmäßige Reinigung, sondern auch ein Hausmeisterservice, der sich um fast alle anfallenden Reparaturen kümmert.
Selbstverständlich verfügen alle unsere Wohnungen auch über Einzelbetten, eine komplett ausgestattete Küche, Waschmaschine, Internet und HD-Fernseher!
Lampertheim - Pfaffenwiese
Lampertheim, Pfaffenwiese
850m Edeka
500m gas station
Lampertheim, Ostendstrasse
< 1 km to Rewe
<200m to restaurants
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Are you interested in one of our fitter apartments? Contact us now!
Edigheimerstraße - AtriumApartments
Ludwigshafen, Edigheimer Street
50m to Lidl
180m Pizzeria
Mannheim, Falkenstraße
13min. BASF Gate 15
700m city center
Monteurwohnung & Monteurzimmer Ludwigshafen
Ludwigshafen, Ludwigstraße,
Wohnung 1, 1. OG
4min. BASF Gate 7
240m Rhine Gallery
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Schanzstraße AtriumApartments
Ludwigshafen, Schanzstraße
3min. BASF Gate 7
100m to restaurant
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße,
Wohnung 1, Erdgeschoss
1m to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße,
Wohnung 2, 1. OG
1km to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße,
Wohnung 3, 2. OG
1km to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße,
Wohnung 4, Dachgeschoss
1km to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Judengasse - Worms
Worms, Judengasse
50m Lidl
70m bakery
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This is what distinguishes our fitter apartments in Lampertheim

Mehr Informationen zu unseren Monteurwohnungen in Lampertheim

Atrium Apartments GmbH in Lampertheim is an excellent choice for business travelers, fitters and workers looking for comfortable accommodation. Our fitter apartments are modern and fully equipped to guarantee you a pleasant stay. The apartments have all the amenities such as a kitchen, a bathroom, TV and WiFi to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Lampertheim offers a convenient location for business travelers and fitters who work in the area. Our apartments are located near the city center and are easily accessible by public transport and car. The surrounding area offers plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment options for you to enjoy your free time.

Atrium Apartments GmbH also offers flexible booking options for your stay. Whether you want to stay a week, a month or more, we have the perfect apartment for you. We know that business travelers and fitters are often pressed for time, so we aim to make the booking process as easy and stress-free as possible.
Atrium Apartments GmbH attaches great importance to the comfort and well-being of our guests. Our team is always at your disposal to meet your needs and ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and that many of our guests keep coming back.

If you are looking for a comfortable place to stay in Lampertheim, you should consider Atrium Apartments GmbH. We offer modern fitter apartments at an affordable price and make sure you feel at home during your stay. Contact us today to make your booking and enjoy your stay in Lampertheim.
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