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Our fitter apartments in the Rhine-Neckar and Rhine-Main area. Choose between apartments in Ludwigshafen, Mannheim, Oftersheim, Bensheim, Worms and Lampertheim. Get a non-binding offer from our experts within a few minutes. We would be happy to advise you on your project. 

Our range of apartments in the Rhine-Neckar and Rhine-Main area at a glance

Atrium Apartments is a company that offers first-class fitter apartments in Ludwigshafen, Oftersheim, Lampertheim, Mannheim, Worms and Bensheim. Our fitter apartments are perfect for commuters and fitters who work in the region and are looking for comfortable and affordable accommodation. We take cleanliness very seriously and offer regular cleaning and laundry services.
Atrium Apartments prides itself on offering outstanding customer service. Our team is always at your disposal to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We attend to all of our guests' requests and concerns and strive to exceed their expectations.
Mannheim, Falkenstraße
13min. BASF Gate 15
700m city center
Edigheimerstraße - AtriumApartments
Ludwigshafen, Edigheimer Street
50m to Lidl
180m Pizzeria
Ludwigshafen, Ludwigsstrasse Apartment
1st floor, apartment 1
1km to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Other housing offers:
Ludwigshafen, Ludwigstraße
4th floor, apartment 2
4min. BASF Gate 7
240m Rhine Gallery
Schanzstraße AtriumApartments
Ludwigshafen, Schanzstrasse Apartment 1
3min. BASF Gate 7
100m to restaurant
Ludwigshafen, Schanzstrasse Apartment 2
3min. BASF Gate 7
100m to restaurant
Ludwigshafen, Mayor-Gruenzweig-Strasse 
50m shop
100m to restaurant
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße first floor apartment 1
1m to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Marienstraße - AtriumApartments
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße 1st floor apartment 2
1km to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße 2nd floor apartment 3
1km to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße Top floor apartment 4
1km to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Lampertheim, Ostendstrasse
< 1 km to Rewe
<200m to restaurants
In den Gießen Monteurwohnung - AtriumApartments
Oftersheim, In the Giesen
900m net
600m bakery
Lampertheim - Pfaffenwiese
Lampertheim, Pfaffenwiese
850m Edeka
500m gas station
Bensheim- Monteurwohnung
Bensheim, Schwanheimer Str.
500m bakery
500m Rewe
Judengasse - Worms
Worms, Judengasse
50m Lidl
70m bakery
Worms, Cornelius-Heyl-Strasse
400m restaurants
300m shop
Worms, Horchheimer Strasse
100m net
<200m gas station
Monteurwohnung Ludwigshafen
Ludwigshafen, Friedrich Profitstrasse.
200m Aldi
<100m restaurants
Monteurwohnung Ludwigshafen
Ludwigshafen, Schulstrasse
200m to the water
<100m pennies
Ludwigshafen, Rheinhorststr.
 5 rooms, 10 people COMING SOON
Ludwigshafen, Rheinhorststr. apartment 2
1 room, 3 people, COMING SOON
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We are proud that our fitter apartments in Ludwigshafen, Oftersheim, Lampertheim, Mannheim, Worms and Bensheim are among the best in the region and offer an excellent alternative to expensive hotel rooms. If you are looking for a premium worker's home then consider Atrium Apartments. We look forward to making your stay a pleasant one.

The fully furnished apartments are generously equipped and offer both single and
Shared room. Our service not only includes regular cleaning, but also
a janitorial service that takes care of almost all the necessary repairs.
Of course, all of our apartments also have a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, Internet and HD television!
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Please note the following: We have 4 apartments available for you on Marienstrasse in Ludwigshafen. In this case, the markers overlap. 

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      • Alexander Kruschev
        The apartment was clean and spacious, the drinks and cleaning service was also very good. If there were problems they were fixed quickly. Very good overall 👍
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      • Andrei Novotny
        Great support and first class service. The apartments are in top condition and really clean. Even with questions about the TV, we were helped in less than an hour. A clear recommendation from us
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      • ON
        We were very happy with the apartment. Everything was clean. Thank you 👍🏽
        A clear recommendation from us
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      • Radoslav Vucic
        The staff were very friendly, the apartment was very clean and was cleaned regularly. Great value for money, we'll definitely be back!
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      • Agnieszka
        Really clean and modern apartment. Was a perfect fit for us. Communication was super friendly. It couldn't be better, we'll be back!
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