What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow.

Atrium Apartments is committed to protecting the environment. Our goal is to improve the world of tomorrow. You can learn more about how we achieve this goal here.  

our mission 

Atrium Apartments puts focus on sustainability. We would like to participate in climate protection and have launched a large number of projects for this purpose. We participate together Wilderness International on the protection of the rainforest, would like to do environmental protection projects with our WWF Supporting Membership promote and protect biodiversity with sponsorships for endangered animal species with the German environmental aid. In order to implement these projects, Atrium Apartments donates part of the income at regular intervals. 

We also pay strict attention to sustainability when planning and furnishing new apartments. In the further course we would like to present our projects to you.

Our apartments

When furnishing apartments, Atrium Apartments tries to use sustainable products that have been produced fairly and in an environmentally friendly manner. In the meantime, almost Atrium Apartments apartments have green electricity tariffs. In addition, only LED lamps have been installed in all apartments. To further save water, Atrium Apartments uses flow restrictors in the bathrooms. When cleaning apartments, Atrium Apartments tries to use only biodegradable products whenever possible. Basically, Atrium Apartments reconsiders existing work processes at regular intervals and tries to save emissions. 
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Wilderness International membership

Together with you we want to improve the world of tomorrow. Forest areas the size of 4,340 soccer fields are cut down every day. That's the equivalent of three soccer fields per minute. It is important to Atrium Apartments to counteract the destruction of the rainforest. Atrium Apartments would like to compensate the resulting CO2 consumption of about 30kg per overnight stay. To this end, Atrium Apartments donates part of the proceeds to the preservation of the rainforest. We are now offering our customers the opportunity to make a contribution to climate protection with a one-off payment of at least €0.55. Even this small amount can fully compensate for a night in one of our apartments. We pass on all income from our sustainability program 1:1 to Wilderness International. 

WWF supporting member

In order to make an important contribution to protecting the environment, Atrium Apartments has decided to become a WWF sponsoring member. As a WWF supporting member, Atrium Apartments helps to stop the destruction of the environment and nature. Global projects to protect the environment and reforestation of land are supported. 

Gray seal sponsorship

We love animals. For this reason, Atrium Apartments has decided to acquire a sponsorship for the endangered gray seal. Every month Atrium Apartments donates part of the proceeds to the German Environmental Aid to help protect the gray seals. 

In the coming months, Atrium Apartments would like to acquire additional sponsorships for other endangered animals. You will find all the certificates and evidence further down the page. 
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