Apartments for workers in Ludwigshafen

First-class fitter apartments in Ludwigshafen. We offer you too long term rentals at fair prices. Call us or use this contact form. Within a few minutes you will receive an offer that is tailored to your needs.

Discover our apartments in Ludwigshafen now. Please note that we only rent to companies. We do not offer private apartments for rent. 

Our fitter apartments in Ludwigshafen

The fully furnished apartments are generously equipped and offer both single and
Shared room. Our service not only includes regular cleaning, but also
a janitorial service that takes care of almost all the necessary repairs.
Of course, all of our apartments also have a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, Internet and HD television!
Receive an offer within minutes. Call us now!
Edigheimerstraße - AtriumApartments
Ludwigshafen, Edigheimer Street
50m to Lidl
180m Pizzeria
Ludwigshafen, Ludwigstrasse Apartment 1
4min. BASF Gate 7
240m Rhine Gallery
Ludwigshafen, Ludwigsstrasse Apartment 2
1km to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Other housing offers:
Schanzstraße AtriumApartments
Ludwigshafen, Schanzstrasse Apartment 1
3min. BASF Gate 7
100m to restaurant
Ludwigshafen, Schanzstrasse Apartment 2
3min. BASF Gate 7
100m to restaurant
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße Top floor apartment 4
1km to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Ludwigshafen, Mayor-Gruenzweig-Strasse 
50m shop
100m to restaurant
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße first floor apartment 1
1m to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Marienstraße - AtriumApartments
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße 1st floor apartment 2
1km to Penny
240m Pizzeria
Ludwigshafen, Marienstraße 2nd floor apartment 3
1km to Penny
240m Pizzeria
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The direct proximity to BASF and other major employers guarantees short travel times.
So that you remain flexible in your planning, short-term bookings are also possible without any problems.
We are looking forward to your inquiry!
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